As many of my clients know, I am quite on top of finding out what products people use and whether they are professional or not – However, there has been 2 cases over the last few weeks where I have discussed and confirmed that they were using professional products BUT 20-30 minutes into the foil process, the foils are swelling, extremely heating up, and turning watery.

What’s happening? A chemical reaction.

After both cases, I rinsed immediately, the first situation, the hair itself was okay but it lifted with a fluro yellow in some areas. The second situation, even though I rinsed straight away, the hair was EXTREMELY fragile, colourless, and in some area’s breakage.

So Why did the chemical reaction occur?

In both cases, although they were using professional shampoo and conditioner, they had both applied supermarket dry shampoo on a few days prior.

CHEMICAL REACTIONS ARE TERRIFYING, not only for me (and all other hairdressers) to deal with but also for clients! THIS IS SOMETHING WE CANNOT PREDICT OR CONTROL IF THEY HAPPEN TO OCCUR!

We don’t know these reactions will happen, until they happen and it’s too late.

After these situations, it has really brought to my attention that I really need to reiterate this to everyone – THERE IS A REASON we say ONLY use professional products and PLEASE if you are unsure if what you are using is okay, send us a text, we are more than happy to help!

CHEAP PRODUCTS purchased from supermarkets, chemists, pharmacies & ‘health shops’ are 99% of the time not great and likely to have some reaction when colouring the hair, let alone strip colour out and leave hair feeling lifeless.

I don’t care if you don’t buy your professional products from me, but PLEASE buy from a hairdresser, hairhouse warehouse or hair supplier.

Also please BE AWARE that some professional brands sold in chemists or online may not always be the real deal on the inside of the bottle, after many years of hairdressing and working with different brands, those professional brands being sold in chemists or online, are not being sold to them by the actual company but they are shipped in from the plastic bottle manufacturer who puts false product inside.


E xx