• Salon products vs supermarket products

    Ever wondered why hairdressers go on & on about hair care?  No it’s not because we want to sell you everything under the sun No its not because we need to reach our monthly sales targets And no it’s not because we want that bit of extra money out of you It’s because we GENUINELY CARE about ...
  • What is Inner Hair Nutrition?

    Nourishing Body Co & Hair By Elise believe great hair starts from within. Nourishing Body Co created their Inner Hair Nutrition bites as a functional food which helps support and maintain the health of your hair from within. Infused with high quality active ingredients such as collagen, Bioti...
  • 6 Tips To Work-Life Balance

    After years of listening to podcasts, videos and documentaries from world known leaders and some of the worlds most successful people - they all have one thing in common and it is routine and discipline. So here are 6 tips to help create a healthy work-life balance.   Prioritise Sleep Sleep is a ...
  • Whats the difference between straighteners?

    Today we are discussing what the differences are in heat tools and how you can specifically choose one to suit you.

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