Does your blonde go brassy quickly?

Heres a few things that may contribute to this:


  1. Over washing your hair, such as everyday can lead to toners washing out faster and your colour appearing brassy or warm. 


This goes the same with hot showers, hot water opens the hair cuticle allowing your colour to wash out faster equaling in your colour going brassy/warm.


  1. Not using a filter on your shower head. 


Minerals from the water and your pipes can dull your blonde and turn it all shades of yellow and can even make your hair knotty!


Getting a shower head filter can help with this.


  1. Sun Damadge


The sun is almost the same as bleach. Prolonged time outside can lead to your hair colour being stripped/bleached and leaving us with what's underneath - orange & yellow tones.


Perhaps you have noticed how the underneath doesn't fade as much? - this is from the sun exposure.


Highly recommend a UV leave in treatment when spending 10+ minutes outside in the sun.


  1. Not using a heat protectant.


Not using a heat protectant will strop your colour leaving your colour brassy & yellow over time or sometimes instantly. This ESPECIALLY happens if you are using your heat tools hotter than the recommended temperature 185 degrees. Not to mention the damage it does to the hair also.


  1. Using oils that are gold or orange in colour.


If your hair is porus(which a majority of blondes are) your hair will soak these tones in.


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