Salon products vs supermarket products

Ever wondered why hairdressers go on & on about hair care? 

  • No it’s not because we want to sell you everything under the sun
  • No its not because we need to reach our monthly sales targets
  • And no it’s not because we want that bit of extra money out of you

It’s because we GENUINELY CARE about YOUR HAIR

When it comes to colour services, you spend 3-5 hours in the salon paying anything from $200+, then why would you then go buy $5-$10 shampoo for your hair $200+ hair? It doesn’t make sense does it?

There is a reason why supermarkets sells a bottle of shampoo for $6 and then your hairdresser sells one for $25+. Because those products are well designed, falsely marketed supermarket shampoo made with nasty chemicals that cost a lot less then the high quality products used to make professional products.

Using professional products can prevent things such as chemical reactions when colouring, hair damage, unnecessary silicones and oil build up(from cheap shampoos), or your colour not lasting as long(as they strip the hair). The list goes on and on.

Not only can cheaper grade shampoo/products be detrimental to the condition of your locks but also you want to make sure you are getting 100% out of the colour service you spend your hard earned cash on, when you’re at home.

It is important to understand the importance of why your hairdresser recommends certain products for your hair. It’s not to make money, it is to make sure you are getting the very best out of your hair, colour and service.

P.S The hair never lies; so if you don’t tell us, your hair will. So make sure when we ask what you’re using at home to be honest. We won’t judge, we just want to help !

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